About Justin Birch

Web and Graphic Designer - Kitchener, Ontario

Justin BirchThroughout my life, I’ve contemplated many different career paths. Initially, I wanted to be a cartoonist for Disney, then a hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a "professional" wrestler in the WWF, a world-famous rock star and of course, a web and graphic designer.

Much like anyone, I’ve continued to grow, find my identity and ultimately determined that my talent and skills were heavily skewed towards wrestling...oops, I mean web and graphic design (with plans to be a musician on the side, of course).

I can honestly say that I have as much passion and drive for web and design now as I did for cartooning when I was five years old — but thankfully with a much higher work ethic and stronger communication skills.

So far, my path in the world of web and graphic design has granted me over five years of directly field related work experience working for both a small marketing and design agency as well as two different areas of a large national corporation.

Want more details on my professional experience?

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